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THOMAS HUNGERFORD – Baptised at Brenshill Parish, England in

                                                 1602; landed in New England in 1628.

Died at New London, CT in 1663. Thomas Hungerford and Jonathan Brewster of the Cape Ann Party, 1650, on the peninsula where the first trading post stood.


THOMAS HUNGERFORD, Jr. – Born at Hartford, CT in 1648.

                                                      Died at East Haddam, CT in 1714.

Married MARY GREEN of Narragansett, RI in 1671.


THOMAS HUNGERFORD III – Born at New London, CT in 1673.

                                                      Died in 1750. Married in 1699 to

                                                      ELIZABETH SMITH, d/o Matthew

Smith and his wife Mary Cutler. Thomas and Elizabeth had a child,


SAMUEL HUNGERFORD – Born at East Haddam, CT in 1713, died at

                                                New Fairfield, CT. He represented New

                                                Fairfield in the Legislature in 1777. Married

                                                MARY GRAVES in 1746, who was born at

                                                Hatfield, CT in 1722.

    “ In August of 1763, Samuel had obtained of Governor Benning Wentworth grants of three townships on the northeast shore of Lake Champlain, chartered by the names of Fairfield, Smithfield and Hungerford. In 1783 he was sent to manage the prudent affairs of the townships and he and Hubbard Barlow were chosen to lay out the divisions of land to each proprietor. Among the grantees, was a family by the name of Field. In the course of time, this family bought not only Mr. Hungerford’s share, but the rights of most of the others, so that nearly the whole town of Hungerford belonged to “Daddy” Field, as the patriarch was called and to Timothy Rogers, of Ferrisburg, who was one of the town’s first surveyors. From them it was purchased by Samuel, George and Elisha Sheldon, 8 November, 1792”. *

     Samuel Hungerford died at New Fairfield, CT in 1792. His children were:


Eleanor – Born 1747.

Infant – Born 1748


Mary – Born 1749, married Alexander Stewart, Jr.

Eunice – Born 26 April, 1751, married Joseph Soule in 1767 at New Fairfield

              She died at Fairfield, Vermont on 19 August, 1839.

Miriam – Born 1753.

Uriel – “Captain” Uriel, born 1755, married Hannah Wilcox.

Isaiah* - Born at New Fairfield, CT on 23 January, 1757, died at Stanbridge,

             Quebec on 16 June, 1833. Married ESTHER MEAD, (1760-1836).

             She was the daughter of Stephen and his wife Rachel (Sanford) Mead.

             Isaiah was a private in Captain Hubbel’s Company, on the payroll for

             Horse travel in the 16th Regiment of militia commanded by Nehemiah

             Beardsley in the expedition to Fairfield, Norwalk and Stamford on 8

             July, 1779. (CT Historical Society Collections, Vol. 7, pp. 197-199.

Allen – Born 1758, died in 1776.

Ezra – Born in 1761, married CAROLINE WILCOX.

Deborah – Born in 1764, married NATHAN WALDO in 1786.

Margaret – Born in 1765, died in 1851. Married JOB HULBERT.

Elizabeth – Born in 1769, died in 1853. Married (1) SAMUEL TUTTLE,

                  (2) SOLOMON JONES.

Samuel – Born in 1771.







Mead – Born in 1791, died on 19 September, 1839. Married HARRIETT ___.


Allen – A trader, born and died date unknown. Married (1) to _____, (2) to

            SARAH MILLS by Reverend James Reid on 18 May, 1817, both of

            St. Armand Parish, Quebec. Their child was :

                    Parthenia – Married Lawrence Salisbury on 26 January, 1830.


Tabor – Born in 1788, baptised by Rev. Reid in 1823. Married (1) Anna

             Isabanda McKinney on 3 February, 1811. Their children were:

                    John – Born 30 August, 1811.

                    Isaiah – Born 30 October, 1813.

                    Mary – Born 22 January, 1817.

                    Ann – Born 28 June, 1819.

                    Esther – Born 9 May, 1823.

          (St. Armand West Anglican Register of 1809 – 1825).


Eli Bush – Born 18 August, 1803, died 22 April, 1891 at Carroll, Wayne

                 County, Nebraska. (See Family Record from Bible, dated 25

                 September, 1989 courtesy of Hilda Sasson, 27 Brookdale Rd.,

                 Glen Cove, Long Island, NY, 11542). Eli was a cabinet maker.

                 He lived and worked at various places, including Stanbridge,

                 Lacolle and Plattsburgh, NY.


Ephraim – Born 26 November, 1794, died on 19 March, 1835. Married

                 ELIZABETH SNYDER in 1819, who was born in 1799, died in



Elizabeth – Born in 1797, died in 1878. Married in 1822 to DAVID NASH

                  PHELPS, who was born in 1796 and who died in 1884.


Samuel – Born on 12 August, 1799, died on 21 November, 1883 at Farnham,

               Quebec. Married (1) to MAIABEH PHELPS, who died in 1850.

               Married (2) MARY WILSON in 1858, who was born in 1837, died

               1914. Their only son was:

                              S. J. Hungerford – Born in 1873, who became President of

                                                            Canadian National Railways, born at

                                                            Bedford, Quebec.


Marion – Married AARON FULLER and remained at either Catskill, NY or

               New Fairfield, CT.


Phebe – Born in 1785 at New Fairfield, CT and died on 12 February, 1856 at

             Pittsfield, MA. Married RUFUS MERRY.


Sarah – Married ISAAC McKINNEY on 2 February, 1824 and lived near

            Missisquoi Bay.


Esther – Married and remained either in Catskill, NY or in New Fairfield, CT.








     Elizabeth Hungerford, born 1797 at New Fairfield, CT married David Nash Phelps, born 1796 the son of Phineas Phelps and his wife, Lydia Lawrence. They were married at St. Armand West, Quebec, in 1822. Their children were:


Lydia – Born 1825, died in 1826.


Lydia – Born in 1826, died in 1910. Married HENRY BUCKLAND.


Esther – Born 1827, died in 1905. Married ALEXANDER DOUGLAS of

             Bedford, Quebec.


David Alfred – Lived at Pike River, Quebec.


Edgar J. – Born 1831, died 1832.


Almira Eudora – Born in 1832, died in 1913. Married ASA RUSSELL of

                          North Stanbridge, Quebec, the son of E. F. Currie, of

                          Bedford, Quebec.


Helen Ann – Born 1837, died in 1920. Married (1) HERMAN MITCHELL.

                     (2) SAMUEL FAIRFIELD.


Caroline Alexandra – Born in 1840, died in 1921. Married HORACE B.

                                 LEACH of Vermont.


Alvira Jane – Born in 1843, married ARVIDE H. MARTIN.







Miriam – Married ABRAHAM HOGLE, had five children.


Pauline H. – Married SILAS SMITH of Clarenceville, Quebec.


Martha – Married FRANK DEAL of Highgate, VT.


Angela – Married JOSEPH CARTER of Stanbridge, Quebec.


Homer H.* - Born on 2 January, 1822, died in 1902. Married CHARLOTTE

                     MONTLE, born 2 February, 1826, died in 1904.






Merrill Arthur – Married (1) CLARA HOGLE, (2) AMY COSLETT.


Charles Brigham –


Marion – Died aged 1-1/2 years.


Edna Lillian* - Born on 22 November, 1856. Married GEORGE ARTHUR

                       HUNT in 1875. Died at Ottawa, Ontario on 13 January, 1891.

                       (See Hunt section, “Birthrights”, p. 26, by Major W. H. Hunt,

                       Winnipeg, 1957).


Lucia – Born 1858. Married ELDRED I. TAYLOR.


Luther L. – Born 1860. Married (1) MARY HAUVER, (2) CORA IRISH.


Lottie L. – Born in 1862. Married PHILIP HAUVER, who ran a hotel in

                 Cowansville, Quebec.


Minnie Myrtle – Born in 1871. Married GEORGE H. HOGLE, lived in

                          Hartford, CT.






Francis Winfield Hunt – Born 1876, died in 1876.


Lena Edna Hunt – Born in 1878. Married COLBORNE LESLIE YOUNG of

                              Clarenceville, Quebec on 19 September, 1900.



                              Lena died on 28 April, 1968 at the home of her daughter,

                              Mrs. Mildred (Young) Derick in Bedford, Quebec.


Maud Ethel – Born in 1880, married WILLIAM H. GIRARD.


Charlotte Elizabeth – Born in 1882, died in 1931. Married VIVIAN H. A.



Wyatt Austin Hunt – Born in 1885. Killed in action, 1918 in France. Buried

                                 At Noeux-les-Mines Cemetery.






Mildred Elizabeth – Born 1901. Married HERMAN SALLS DERICK in 1920.


Maxwell Hunt Young – Born on 20 December, 1902. Married MARGUERITE

                                     MURIEL McCARRON, R.N. of St. Albans, VT.

                                     She was the d/o B. L. McCarron and Henrietta Woehler


Edna Lillian – Born in 1904. Married CHELTON CLIFFORD ADAMS in



Wyatt Franklin – Born in 1911. Married ELIZABETH McGREGOR.


Gordon Arthur – Born in 1913. Married MARGARET WHEELER.


Eric Read – Born in 1914. Married DOROTHY NAYLOR.





Bernard Colborne Young – Born 6 March, 1935. Married CAROL EUGENIE

                                          TREIBER of Roslyn Heights, NY on 27 June, 1959.

                                          She was the d/o Carl E. Treiber and Caroline E.









“Thomas Hungerford of Hartford and New London, CT and some of his

Descendants and their English ancestors”, by F. Phelps Leach.


 Records of the Parish of St. Armand West, Anglican Churchbooks, 1809-1825


Bible of Eli Bush Hungerford – published by Silas Andrus, Hartford, CT, 1860


Family records of Mrs. Colborne L. Young of Clarenceville, Quebec








Eli Bush Hungerford was born 18 August, 1803 in Lenox, Berkshire County,

Massachusetts the fourth child of Isaiah Hungerford and Esther Mead.

He died on 22 April, 1891 in Carroll, Wayne County, Nebraska. A cabinetmaker he seems to have travelled extensively, apparently trying to outdistance his uncommonly bad luck.


He married (1), ANN MURRAY, born in St. Armand, Missisquoi County, Quebec on 14 April, 1799. The marriage took place on 18 January, 1826 with Reverend James Reid officiating, at Freleighsburg, Quebec. Ann died in December, 1834. Their children were:


          Edatha Sophia – Born on 10 April, 1826 at St. Armand, Quebec. She died

                                    9 August, 1827.


          Ellen Sophia – Born on 15 October, 1827, married  John Allen Merry, s/o

                                 Rufus Merry and Phebe Hungerford on 26 May, 1847.

                                 Ellen died in May, 1906 at Springfield, MA.


          James Eli – Born at Lacolle, Quebec on 25 February, 1830, died at St.

                             Armand, Quebec on 16 November, 1830.



          Barnabus – Born at Lacolle, Quebec on 7 September, 1831, died at St.

                            Armand on 12 September, 1831.


          William Henry – Born at Lacolle on 26 April, 1833, died at Stanbridge,

                                     Quebec on 13 July, 1839.


Eli married (2), DULCINIA MANSON on 13 December, 1836 by Reverend

Richard Whitwell at St. Armand, Quebec. She was born on 12 June, 1804 at

St. Armand and died on 28 March, 1846 at Pittsfield, Berkshire County, MA.

Their children were:


          James William – Born on 10 February, 1838 at Stanbridge, died on 16

                                    August, 1858 at Belmont, Quebec.


          Isaiah – Born on 30 July, 1839 at Stanbridge.


          Ruth – Born on 20 November, 1842 at Stanbridge.


          Ann Isabella – Born on 5 June, 1844 at Stanbridge, died on 10 October,



Eli married (3), SARAPH HARTWELL, born on 7 May, 1811 in the Town of

Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire. Married on 31 December, 1848 in Huntsville,

Madison County, NY. Children:


          Infant – Born on 24 April, 1850 at Oneida Depot, Madison County, NY.

                       Died after 15 hours, The mother died on 25 April, 1850.


Eli married (4), Mrs. ELIZABETH GARDNER, on 14 July, 1851 at Lenox,

Berkshire County, MA. She was born at St. Armand, Quebec on 8 April, 1810.




Source:  From the Family Bible of Eli Bush Hungerford, Published in 1860, by

             Silas Andrus, Hartford, CT.


Many Thanks to Bernard Colborne Young for this limb of the tree…..


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