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The B.C. Stowes by Faye Margaret



Lawrence Alonzo  Stowe (Lonny) married Evelyn Cornelia Funk (Evie) on June 3, 1939 in Cowansville?, Quebec.

They lived on the farm and looked after it until Dadís arthritis was so bad, the doctor recommended a trip to a dry climate. Momís sister, Margaret Teel, was in Winfield, B.C. so thatís where they headed, and the rest is history, so they say.

Dad had 5 acres of orchard which he farmed for a few years, then sold 4 of them to the neighbor. He worked in the Fruit Packing plant for a number of years and then in road construction. This took him away from home a lot but he worked hard for his family, and thatís the way it had to be!


There are 7 children in our family:


1)      Gerald Lawrence (Gerry) born Sept.2, 1940 in Dunham (I think). He married Helen Allen in Winchester, Ontario on July 20, 1963. Helen is a registered nurse working at an extended care unit in Kingston, Ont.  Gerry has retired from the Navy and I think his rank was Lt. Commander on retirement. They have 2 sons:


1)      Michael Allen Lawrence; born July 11, 1967, married Julie on July 30, 1994 in Kingston, Ont. They have 2 children-

Alyxandra Madison, born Nov.18, 1997

Braeden, born Dec. 20, 2000.


  Jeremy Andrew Leslie, born September 18, 1971, married Debbie on April 29, 1995 in Kingston. They have 2 children-

Ryan Andrew, born February 26, 1997

Lauren Emily, born February 24, 2000.


2) Kenneth Martin (Ken) born March 4, 1942 in Dunham (or Sweetsburg, Iím not sure what is on his birth certificate) Ken married Ellen Askeland on July 4, 1964 in Winfield. Ken is a Registered Professional Forester, now living in Kelowna, but has lived most of his married life in the Prince George area, making his living from the production of wood. He and Ellen have 2 children:


1)    Shandy Martin: born June 14, 1970. Married Kim Sauve on August      

       19,2001 in Kelowna, B.C. They live in Prince George.


2)    Cassie June; born June 14, 1973. Married Lorin Laidlaw on July

        26,1997 in Summerland, B.C. They live in Kelowna.


3) Faye Margaret born June 29, 1945 in Dunham. Faye was a registered nurse, working in Williams Lake B.C. until 1990. Moved back to Winfield then and is now working in Day Care. She has 1 child
Bradley Robert (Brad)
born April 29, 1982 in Williams Lake. He is nearly finished his BSc., and is presently living in Kelowna.


4) Catherine Corinne (Cassie) born July 13, 1948 in Kelowna. Married Don Cupit on August22, 1970. Cassie was a PE teacher, Don is a retired teacher. They live in Richmond, B.C. and have 2 children;


1)   Scott Donald, born December 11,1974 in Burnaby. He lives in  Richmond with his girlfriend, Linda.


2)   Erin Corinne, born September 21, 1977 in Vancouver. She is presently living at home in Richmond



5)Jack Loren born March 21,1952 in Kelowna. He married Pam Buch on March 25, 1978 in Williams Lake, B.C. Jack has made his living as a carpenter, and is now living in Winfield. They have 2 children:


1)      Lacey Elaine, born Feb.19, 1979 in Williams Lake. Married Mason Hough on Dec.27, 2003. They live in Kelowna.


2)      Allison Katrine, born April 3, 1982 in Williams Lake. She is presently living at home in Winfield, working at a variety of jobs.



6) Ronald Neil born September 5, 1954 in Kelowna. He lives in St. Albert, Alberta and works as a salesman for ? Wood Products. Married Jan Hamilton on Sept. 6,1980 in Lloydminster, Alberta. They have 1 child:


                          1)  Victoria (Vicky) born May 4, 1991.


7) Garnet Leslie (Les) born October 31, 1956 in Kelowna. He lives in Winfield and works as a labourer at a nearby manufacturer. Married Denise Manzuik July 2, 1978 and has 2 children. (subsequently has separated from Denise since 1995 and has a ďwifeĒ Tina)

                       1) Matthew Ryan (Matt) born December 26, 1981óliving in Kelowna and working   in construction.                   


2)           Randall Lacey (Randi) born September 25,1986. Lives in Winfield with her mother, has recently graduated high school and is working in Kelowna.